I conceived the idea of,  "Protecto Flex" through my personal experience as a foosball enthusiast, I theorized that a new type of bearing nut could be developed that featured a section of polycarbonate tubing incorporated into its design, making the table safer for both players and spectators. The tubing would be a protective sleeve for the free end of a foosball "rod" which, when pushed forcibly through the opposite side of the table, would protect anyone standing at or near the table This will prevent an individual standing near the table, particularly a small child, from being hit with the rod and injured, and would enhance safety around a foosball table.

Spirit ( GetSome ) Mollice

Protecto Flex  Features 

The tubing is Polycarbonate
The nuts are Nylon

The end Caps are Ribbed Nylon

Protecto Flex is available in Black or Gray

​​Rod Guards Patent Pending

                            Protecto Flex          

                             Foosball Safety System