Nice, I know we love are set, I wouldn't have the table in the house without them

Jim Stevens, ​

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Drew Romo

someone asked me what I thought about the Protecto Flex, I like it. I think it's a great product to have, at home and you have kids are grandkids.

Mike Smith 

Perfect !!!

Mark R

I Just put these on my table after seeing them at the Bart-O tournament. Protecto Flex...worth EVERY penny! Knowing that my kids and their friends are safe playing foosball around the table...Priceless! And, I won't have to remind everyone to be careful around the foosball table :) 

Ben Camp 

I love my Protecto-flex!

It's great to know the kids aren't going to get jabbed with a rod. Thanks Spirit,

Tommy Chapman 

I know a guy you could buy rod guards from. I love mine!

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