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Q: Does Protecto Flex really make my Tornado table safer?

A: YES! As a parent you will no longer worry about your child being injured by a

fast - moving rod.

Q, How does Protecto Flex attach to table?

A, You simply remove your existing bearing nuts, and replace them with Protecto Flex. 

Q: How can I order a set of Protecto Flex

A: Just click the buy Now button at the bottom of the page.

Q, Does Protecto Flex work on all

Tornado Tables?

A, No, the system only works on Tornado tables using split bearings.

100% Free replacement if a Protecto Flex nut breaks we will replace it at no charge!

For any other questions please visit our contact page.

Q, Are Protecto Flex rod protectors durable?​ Are they easily breakable?

A, Protecto Flex is extremely durable. They are made of nylon and polycarbonate tubing and will with stand heavy use. Your standard table bearing would break first, because they​are made out of ABS.

​​Rod Guards Patent Pending

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